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Welcome to Our World of Natural Skincare

NATURALLY, the best for your skin.

Luxurious, Hydrating

Preservative-Free Facial Care

No yucky stuff. Organic ingredients. NATURALLY, the best for your face.

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Healthy, Shining Hair

Simple, Natural Haircare

Ditch the plastic bottles. Travel friendly, tons of lather. NATURALLY, the best for your hair.

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Organic, All Natural

Skin-Loving Body Bars

Exceptional quality, doctor developed, palm oil free. NATURALLY, the best for your skin.

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Soap Bundle


Stock up on your favorite soap, or mix and match your bundle. They make wonderful gifts. Give the special people in your life the gift of the best ingredients Mother Nature has to offer.

Each plant-based bar contains its own distinct quality and connection to the earth and made with vegan oils.

Stock-Up and SAVE!

Limited Edition Special

Buy our entire collection of 15 bars (some discontinued). Limited Quantities. Only $34.50

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All Natural, Solid Pet Shampoo

For Your Furry Friends

100% natural ingredients and extra castor bean oil for shine and manageability for your pet’s coat. No chemicals or surfactants or fragrances. Safe for the most sensitive skin.

A great gift for any dog lover or your dog’s groomer.

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Our Natural Living and Self Care Series

Soap Stories

My entrepreneurial journey started when I was 12 years old selling handmade barrettes in middle school to my friends. Boy, have I learned a lot in the following 43 years!...

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The Importance of Self Care

Taking time for yourself is becoming more important than ever. Disconnecting, decompressing, pampering yourself just a little bit, can go a long way. Developing a self-care ritual and making the...

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In The Studio

Oil and water don’t mix. But ah, they do. That’s why I love soapmaking. It’s art and science, creativity and mathematics all rolled into one. I suppose it appeals to...

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